" He came across as likeable and warm, and he had a unique and yet crooner-appropriate tone quality to his beautiful vocals"

– Jennifer Gusso, ShowBizRadio


"Chris Rudy’s “Mary Sunshine” is quite simply hilarious."

–  Betsy Marks Delaney, ShowBizRadio


"...a thoroughly engaging actor no matter where he is on stage, is a hoot as a minister in a Jewish person's room. His befuddled looks are a stitch." 

-  James Howard ,


"Rudy is as goofy when he’s with the boys as he is charming when singing to the girls, a great duality from this talented actor."

- Amanda Gunther , DCMetroThatreArts

My Story

When I was 7 years old I left my 2nd grade class on a mission: to use the bathroom. I might have succeeded too but not for my eccentric and inspiring music teacher who stopped me in the hall and asked if I wanted to join "chorus". I didn't know what it was, so of course I said "yes!" A short audition involving singing "Happy Birthday to Mickey Mouse" and 18 years later I am still here performing. I've been in over 40 productions and a dozen musical groups and I hope there is no end in sight!


Also, in case your were worried... I did eventually make it to a restroom